Week 5 Response

I found the idea of using computer vision to judge how intensely a person is smiling to be very intriguing. There is an animated short film by the name of Shehr-e-Tabassum which imagines a dystopian future where anyone who doesn’t smile is considered to be outcast and is immediately captured by the government. I can only wonder how computer vision technology in the future will be used for deep public surveillance and for penalizing those who don’t comply.

I wonder if cameras are the only way we can implement computer vision. I think things like heat sensors and sonar technology also has a space in the computer vision landscape. I also wonder if computer vision will ever be as advanced as a human eye and by extension will AI ever be able to process as much information as humans can or will it always be limited by what computer vision can achieve and have to rely on other sensors for getting a complete picture of what is happening. There is also anti computer vision technology which will massively undercut the effectiveness of computer vision and security systems in general.

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