Midterm Progress

For my midterm project, I’m attempting to avoid games in favor of creating something that involves experience and knowledge for the user to explore, as well as material that is helpful, positive, and reassuring. As a result, I decided to design something resembling an old museum with a theme resembling an underground archive, with some art pieces featuring positive words or advice from historical personalities, and another area of books containing Quran verses in Arabic and English. I’m going to try to provide calming and helpful verses. 

In my main page, I will try to add more aesthetics and try to have a mix of European, Greek and a bit of Arabic aspects since the underground museum would involve historical figures from different backgrounds as well as verses from the Quran. For example, the temples in the main page represent Doric Greek temples, and the lanterns can be considered part of many cultures but I initially associated it with the Arab / Islamic culture. The user would be able to click the “Enter” button and enter the museum, and they would be able to use arrows to move between the two sections in the museum. I’m also aiming to give the user the ability to click on the books and pictures to learn more about the historical background, take advice, or enjoy flipping through  positive quotes or reassuring and guiding verses from the Quran. I also plan to add fire sound, audio sounds for certain clicks and papers.

The 3 Orders of Ancient Greek ArchitectureVintage gold arabic lanterns realistic set Vector Image

Most frightening part 

I’m mostly worried about making the buttons take the user to another page or scene, I’m currently trying to do that for my main page which will take me to the first section of the museum. I’m not sure if I will be able to have two sections but it’s definitely something I’m aiming for. I’m also trying to figure out if I can make a book and the user will be able to flip through a few pages. 

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