Final Project Proposal – Darko

Inspiration and Concept

Ever since I’ve come to Abu Dhabi, my passion for jet-skiing and boats has been growing and growing inside me. At the same time, I wanted to do something unique, something that nobody has ever done before. That is why for this final project I decided to make a boat. 

I want the boat to be controlled by the users hand, and with gestures like: if you want to go left, you slide your arm to the left, if you want to go right, you slide your arm to the right. Same thing goes for the speed. If you want to go faster, you put your hand closer to the sensor (kind of like a pedal).


The implementation phase can be very easily explained. For the gestures of the user, I would like to use this sensor that is available in our booking website:


I have also found a 3d model for the boat and matched the size so that It can fit the Arduino, the Breadboard and the Batteries. The plan is to attach a fan to a DC Motor, and attach the DC Motor to a Servo, which would be used to set the directions. As the user moves his hands, the servo will adjust the angle accordingly and the dc motor will adjust the power too. The communication will be done through a wireless receiver which would be provided by PI.

I plan to use p5.js only as a “dashboard” highlighting the way the boat is headed (straight, right, left) and also the speed. It would be interesting if I could animate the boat so that it shows some fun animation If we are speeding up or turning too sharply.

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