Week 8 – Unusual Switch


Since we are not allowed to use our hands to create a switch, the first thing I thought of was using my legs. I wanted to make something that is simple but also useful/could solve some real problem. One of the habits that I have is toe-tapping which I keep doing unconsciously when I sit in one place for a long time.  It’s hard to consciously be aware of this, so the things that easily draw attention, such as a continuously blinking light bulb, could help me and other people having the same problem be more aware of when they do toe-tapping and consequently eradicate this disturbing behavior.


How it works

My switch consists of a ring made of aluminum foil and a flat square cardboard covered with aluminum foil. You wear the aluminum ring to your shoes and place the square cardboard right underneath your legs. Every time you fidget and touch the cardboard with your legs the bulb lights up, signaling you that you’re doing toe-tapping.




Future Improvements

This switch design is pretty simple and straightforward, however it is not very practical if I want to use it to detect and fight my fidget behavior. So one of the future improvements would be to make the design more user-friendly: I could work on expanding the wires so that the light bulb will be right in front of me, not on the ground, and I’ll be able to actually see it when working on a desk.

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