Assignment 6 – Creating an Unusual Switch


I decided to make my ring a little interactive with this project. Since the ring is made out of conductive material and it leaves just enough room for the two ends of the wires to fit in while it slides into my finger, I thought why not.  Plus, I wear the ring almost every day so using it in an unusual manner was fun. The following is a picture of the circuit diagram that I drew before building the switch to help me out:


I started off by mapping the colors of the wires on my drawing to be exactly the ones I would be using in the real-life circuit (except the black one for earth which is white in the diagram). Next, I connected four 1.5V batteries that I had conveniently lying around in my drawer to the circuit board. I added a 330 ohm resistor and left two wires open to act as the switch (yellow and red). Next, the tricky part was to connect the ends of the wires to the ring. I used two small pieces of squash tape to get this done, I left one of the wires partially ‘hanging’ while still being tied to the ring so that the circuit completes only when I wear the ring and the end of the wire is pushed against the surface of the ring.

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