Assignment – Do Not Disturb (Unusual Switch)

Concept and Methods: 

In the past, I’ve spent a significant amount of time trying to use my card to open a locked room door. All that inspired me to create this circuit which indicates whether a door is locked from the inside using a simple LED circuit. I built it using the SparkFun inventor’s kit and some spare foil I had laying around. I realized my idea by putting two wires inside the lock hole in the door frame and having the lock itself act as a switch as it’s made from metal and it is conductive. I additionally wrapped the metal endings of the wires with tin foil to increase the surface area and ensure that the lock touches on both of them connecting the circuit.


This assignment was somewhat tricky to record as I was not able to record the exact switching on because it was going on inside the door frame. Additionally, I can improve this as it is visible in the video that the led flickers as the door unlocks which implies something loose in the setup. Beside these points, I think I executed this well as it works and that can be heard in the video. Finally, I had a bunch of fun putting this project together and I look forward to learning more about physical computing.

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