Midterm Project: Initial Documentation

Concept & Design

As part of my Mid term project, the idea is to create a game that is similar to the traditional ‘space-ship’ games, combined with the ‘infinite-runner’ game ideology. This would essentially be a canvas, where a rocket starts from the bottom, has freedom to move around, with the background moving, depicting a running environment. The objective would be for the rocket to dodge some meteors falling from the sky, and also to fuel up with cans that become available in intervals.

The graphical objects that I gathered so far are:

Code Structure & Progress

The code structure is intended to be Object Oriented and Modular. As of right now, I have a canvas with a background that repeats itself smoothly and a Rocket that moves around the canvas, wraps around the sides.

The Asteroids will be made to ‘spawn’ with time, and then as soon as they exit the screen, they will be respawned from the top end of the screen again.


There will be more clarity of the complexity as I start running into issues, however, the primary objective of mine is to provide controls to the rocket such that it is rotatable. I will have to use mathematical calculations with the ‘right’ and ‘left’ keys to ensure the rocket does not flip its image to the right and left directions, instead it bends at an angle as the right and left keys are pressed. This is a functionality that I shall experiment and figure out!

Another functionality that I envision to add is local storage on the Chrome Browser to keep track of a ‘score’, and record the highest score. Only the highest score shall be saved per device.

Author: Zunair

Senior @ NYU Abu Dhabi

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