Midterm Assignment Progress


For the midterm project I decided to make a galaga game. While my version of galaga would be a little different from the original galaga game, I will try my best to keep the essence of the galaga game while adding something more from what we learned in class.


Unfortunately I was sick over the weekend and I couldn’t do much with the project so so far my progress is the basic game mechanism where you can start the game by pressing the space bar and move the galaga ship using left and right arrow keys and shoot bullets using the up arrow key. For each enemy killed you get 100 scores and if you eliminate all the enemies, you advance a level. So far the mechanism is not yet completely finished and I hope to add enemy movement manipulation and enemy shooting bullets as well with a more concrete stage level progression mechanism and showing of it.

I also need to get better polished images and add music but again I couldn’t because I was/am sick… I hope to do the polishing as soon as I get better.


The challenege in this project so far was the enemy movement maniulation and the the stage progression which I am still working on it now. Another difficulty I found was reseting the game after the end of the game which I have encountered bugs that I’m not sure why its happening. I plan to tackle all this as soon as I get better.

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