Midterm Progress

Project Idea

While I was tutoring as a coding instructor, I often used this game as a fun activity for beginners. In this game, we are supposed to move an object (Harvard’s logo) from one location to another while avoiding all the difficulties (other university’s logo). Thus, I decided to create a modified version of this game as my midterm project. 

In my adaptation of the game, the goal is to help the main character, who happens to be John Wick, survive as long as possible. However, the catch is there will be other characters who will be chasing him, and as soon as they get a hold of Wick, the game will be over. Thus, the theme of the game is to help Wick survive. 


For now, I have implemented “MyCharacter”, which is related to the main character, as well as “SuppCharacter” class, which is related to other characters who chase the main character. Each class is inherited from a primary class called “Character”. In the MyCharacter class, there are five methods (display, update, border_check, up_collision_check and movement), while the latter class contains three methods (display, update and border_check). As of now, when the primary character collides with other characters, no effect other than a piece of string is visible on the console. As per the necessity, I intend to implement more methods as well as modify existing methods to refine the game. 

In the MyCharacter class, the display method displays images loaded into the system, the update method updates (x, y) attributes of the class, the border_check method keeps the main character within the canvas while the up_collision_check and movement methods check if the main character has collided with other characters or not. In the same way, the methods in the SuppCharacter follow similar algorithms. 

The piece of code that I am particularly proud of is the up_collision_check method(), which contains nested if-conditionals. It is relatively short in length, but trying out different mathematical approaches took a while, and ultimately I came up with this algorithm. 

  // X coordinates verification
  if ( (this.x < (other.x + other.size)) && (this.x > other.x)) 
    // Y coordinates verification
    if ((this.y < (other.y + other.size)) && ((this.y + this.char_h) > other.y))
      return true;

Future Iteration

Over the weekend, I plan on adding the following functionalities to the game:

  1. Start screen that displays (a) instruction on how to play the game, (2) Start button and other setting features as deemed necessary 
  2. Implement a levels-based approach, where the level of difficulty goes on increasing. 
  3. Introduce more side characters to the game
  4. Include a variety of sound effects for different actions like collision, completion of a level and so forth
  5. Include a timer to determine the completion of a level 


Overall, I am glad about the way the project is going on so far. The program is already 300 lines in length, and as I implement more methods, I may need to divide the project into multiple .js files. Also, I am expecting to make the project more efficient by reducing redundancies and changing algorithms if needed. 

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