Midterm Progress: Tanks

The original game

The inspiration came from Tanks, a game which user(s) can control tanks to destroy enemy tanks.

Although the game may look straightforward, it does have many complex in-game interactions such as choosing different weapons, shields, teleportation, shops, and so on. Since my intention is to create a much simpler game, many of the mentioned features will not be implemented. However, there are things which I would like to implement:

    1. Tanks that can move and launch shells to a desired direction.
    2. Exploded shells change landscape (map).
    3. Maps can be easily made (even be drawn with mspaint.exe).
    4. Dashboard of status
    5. Falling out of the map means death.
    6. Multiplayers with turns.
    7. etc.

There may be games that are more easier to make, but I already spent a lot of time creating the below result. I will probably continue to work on this.

So far the implemented features are the followings:

    1. Tank shape
    2. Tank follows gravity unless supported by surface.
    3. Tank can move, and will move slower when going uphill. Cannot go up when the hill is too steep. If tank falls out of the screen, it dies.
    4. Tank can aim.
    5. Tank can launch shells.
    6. Shell explodes when hitting a hard surface (ground, tank, etc.)
    7. Exploded shells permanently change landscape.
    8.  Maps are based on images (png). The images are uploaded.

So far there were no serious difficulties (meaning that I could somehow implement things if enough time is invested), but it took a lot of time. But there are more things that should be implemented to finish making the game.

    1. Sound effects
    2. Instructions page
    3. A button to start the game
    4. Functioning in-game dashboard
    5. Multiplayer
    6. Game end condition & restart option
    7. Limited fuel
    8. Controllable launch power.
    9. Health & health bar
    10. More maps
    11. etc.

I wonder how much struggle I will go through just to make this simple game.

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