Week 10 – Reading Discussion

“The Future of Interactive Design” was an entertaining and reflective read about the future of interaction in digital products. I agree with all of the points made by the author, and I found his disappointment with the obsession with touchscreens in Future Technology very relatable. Watching the Microsoft productivity video reminded me of the hilarious fan creations of future video game consoles such as the infamous “Xbox 720” that you have probably seen 14 years ago. It is funny to see that this whole obsession with glassy touch screens and the use of hand motions represents a certain period of the past more than accurately representing the future of interactivity. 

Moreover, his points about the feelings with hands also made me reflect on the usage of everyday objects. I always had a strong preference for physical books rather than PDFs, but I never cared enough to think about it. It is pretty obvious though, that the sensation of the paper in your hands and the weight of the book makes the interaction way more pleasant than just staring at a screen and moving your fingers. I suppose that explanation works for many other objects as mentioned by the text, and from now on I will make sure to appreciate dynamic mediums much more. As a side note, I also related to the author’s frustrations with the response text. Not everything has to provide a solution, sometimes expressing problems is just as valuable. After all, we need to start somewhere if we want to change the course of how things are going, and for that reason, I admire the author’s text even more.

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