Musical Instrument


I worked on this project with Akhat, and we wanted to create a tool similar to Singing Horses where each horse has its tone and frequency, can be turned on/off, and acts as an element of melody that creates a unique tune when played together with other horses. In our project, a similar idea can be seen: we have multiple buzzers each with its tune that is played when pressed on a corresponding button. One special thing about this project is that we also use a pressure sensor to change the tone just a little and create some more variation and uniqueness in each play.


We started off by testing out different parts separately – first, we got the pressure sensor working (which did not work in the beginning because of hardware, but then we switched to a different pressure sensor which worked much better). After that, when connecting buzzers and buttons, we ran into an issue where multiple buzzers were not playing at the same time. Initially, our idea was to play them simultaneously with different tunes, but apparently, Arduino does not allow that (i.e buzzers must be played one at a time). Our workaround for this problem was that instead of playing tunes simultaneously, we had them play one at a time when the switch is pressed down. Lastly, it was a lot of experimentation of what notes worked best for us given that we were changing the frequency based on the pressure sensor.

Circuit PictureThe circuit

Circuit Diagram

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