Midterm Proposal – Naz

For my midterm project, I was inspired by “Everything is Temporary” by Joe Pease. You can find the link to the work he has done here:

In order to capture the same feeling that the video gave me, the temporariness of the surroundings, combined with the life going on in its own chaotic and messy way, even if we engage, if we don’t, and even if we try to. This temporary feeling is everpresent, when the weird realization hits us at a party, in a room of friends, and on the shore sitting at the edge of Saadiyat or being in the view of a beautiful mountain.

Therefore, I will be creating an interactive artwork where there will 3 rooms (as of now) with the following compositions. There will be available actions to the user which they will be briefed on before being put inside the room. The idea is to allow the user to have a set of actions, while the output of those actions not being what they wanted or tried to achieve at all, hence achieving the temporary feeling by highlighting our powerlessness in the outcomes of our choices.

Room 1: The rave

(room created through pattern making in p5js)

I basically want a room that is loud and chaotic with the sensory overload of voices and visuals in this room. The visuals will be produced by p5js using shapes and color contrast with respect to a black background, with the sound being outsourced from the internet. The user will be allowed to use right, left, up, and down arrows to go to any area of the screen. Depending on the area the user moves to on the screen the visual and sound will get amplified or toned down but never disappear.

Room 2: The home

(room created by a background of a picture)

I want to capture the chaos of home, where at one point the self seems to be disintegrating and lose its meaning in the face of the community. For this room, I will be using a picture that is dear to me (not the one provided here) in which all my friends are hanging out in my room in a chaotic manner. The user will be given the option to be able to “speak” (printing words on screen) however the voice of chattering will be exponentially rising as more attempts to speak are made, in which the users “seem” to be drowning.

Room 3: The nature

(room created by drawing a mountain using p5js)

I want to capture the serenity and calm of nature. My initial idea is to create a simplistic drawing of nature using p5js which looks mountainous and pristine. There is a small snowfall, and the user is given a specific set of input keys to make a fire. After the fire is set by the user, the snowfall seems to get faster and faster, covering every part of the “vision”, hence the screen.

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