Assignment 4: Fish Histogram


Since I have past experience working with CSV files,  I decided to utilize them again for this assignment. After careful consideration, I chose to create a bar graph, or more specifically, a histogram, as it is an effective way to visualize and compare data. Despite the CSV file containing multiple variables, I found it more appropriate to focus solely on the weight of the fish (which serves as the y-axis variable for my bar chart) in order to ensure a clear and concise representation of the data, rather than presenting a cluttered array of variables. I loaded the lines in the CSV file into the array of strings as taught in class and then continued to make separate arrays for storing the names and weights of the fish from the specific rows in the CSV file.

The Data file I chose had a total of 161 fish data but I limited it to 10 fish being represented at a time which were randomly chosen and changed to another set of 10 randomly chosen fish from the data file with the help of a mouse click.

Final Output

Concluding Remarks

I am happy to incorporate more animation into this assignment compared to my previous ones. Additionally, I also added a water bubbling sound effect to enhance the interactivity of the project. However, I am aware that there is room for improvement in terms of the accuracy of the data representation. Specifically, I believe I could provide more detail regarding the weight unit and markings on the y-axis to create a more precise depiction of the data, rather than solely relying on the height of the bars.



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