Assignment 4- Generative text


In this assignment, out of the two prompts which we could provide a submission for, I decided to go with the “generative text” one. As usual, coming up with what to do was a challenge for me. I spent a lot of time going through YouTube videos and existing samples to draw inspiration from them but could not get any.  While perusing YouTube, I saw a video about Apple’s next big event. That was when it dawned on me that every time I got a new Apple device, the first welcome screen would write the word “hello” in many different languages. See below:

After watching the above video, I decided to recreate something similar to it.


The code starts by initializing my variables and the array to hold the “hello” translations to be displayed. A word class is created. The Word object is initialized with the first word in the words array. Then, each time the display() method is called, the current word is displayed, and index is incremented. When the index reaches the end of the array, it is reset to 0 so that the words cycle through from the beginning again. Finally, in the draw() function, a new Word object is created every 100 frames using the update index value. To make the words look just like that of Apple’s I had to download and import the “California” font using the preload() and loadFont() functions.  I initially had the translations in so many languages including Japanese, Chinese and some other languages but the font-type I decided to use did not have support for writing in these languages so i had to take them out of my array.




In a future version, i intend to add more style to the written texts. I intend to make the display appear as though it is being written by hand just as it is in the original piece by Apple.



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