Assignment 2


For this assignment I wanted to include a couple of new elements such as adding sound and user interactivity, all of which I could not incorporate into the previous assignment.

I was interested in the artwork of an anonymous artist called “Banksy” who was known for his street art. He shredded one of his own art pieces in front of an auction house full of people right after it was bought and I have based my artwork on this.  This is his artwork after he had shredded it:

I did not have any particular art concept in mind but I knew I wanted to experiment with iridescent colors and add some sort of shredding effect as he did with his work. So I started off by creating an abstract iridescent element by using moving and color changing shapes. While experimenting with different color effects for the shapes, I came across the blendMode() which alters the colors displayed on the screen by either making them darker or lighter. By passing the argument “BURN” through this function, I was able to achieve this effect of fading/burning of the different colors and shapes into all black as the function increases contrast and makes the darker colors more prominent. I also added the sound of a paper shredder to add that effect of burning/fading, similar to what Banksy did.



I think I learnt a lot of new features of p5.js through this assignment as I experimented with loops and color features as well as sound. I am happy with the fact that I was able to make the sound and burning effect work. For future projects, I would like to make use of “rotate()” and “translate()” because I tried using them in this assignment but I was not able to make it work. 


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