Final Progress

I have my circuit ready with 2 buttons: one for start/restart & another for “collect”, and a potentiometer to inflate the balloon. I wanted to use a pressure sensor for blowing but the readings weren’t too sensitive to human blowing and it wasn’t too accurate. So, I decided to keep it simple and make it like an arcade game with hand interaction only. I edited my code to read the potentiometer values directly from Arduino.

while (Serial.available()) {
    int left = Serial.parseInt();
    int right = Serial.parseInt();
    if ( == '\n') {
      digitalWrite(2, left);
      digitalWrite(5, right);
      int sensor = analogRead(A0); //potentiometer 
      int sensor2 = digitalRead(7); //start button

The challenging part was having a steady serial connection from Arduino. I realized that it would go faster if there are equal number of data coming in and out of Arduino (even though I am not sending anything back to Arduino). I consider my project 80% done and hope to have more progress until the showcase.

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