Abigail and Ahmed’s Final Project IDea

Interactive Artwork: Fern Plant Robot Instrument Thing


So for our project, we wanted to do something artistic. The idea we have, came from the following piece of computer graphic art:

Interactive Walls

The artwork is graphic and based around Max but we thought it would look really great if implemented in real life with servo motors and multicolored panels.

The panels will be mounted to servo motors and be multicolored to look aesthetically pleasing. The panels can be made out of acrylic material or something lighter like thin plywood or cardboard. Due to restrictions of the Arduino Uno, we will only be able to use a maximum of 12 panels for our interactive artwork.



We want the panels to depict a living, breathing, organism that reacts to different inputs; touch, noise, and input controls on a mounted panel. The artwork itself will have two speakers that will create a surround sound effect and can also output predetermined responses to different stimuli.

The control panel for the artwork will have a few buttons that will change modes. Modes can be an ambient mode that makes predetermined patterns, music mode which will make the artwork react to music playing, and a touch mode that will allow the audience to touch the artwork and have it react to their inputs.

The whole piece can be controlled by a single Arduino which will be responsible for the servo motors. For the buttons and knobs, we don’t think there will be enough I/O options on the Arduino Uno to make everything work so we will use a touchscreen with a p5js program to make digital buttons.

Concept Image:


Additional Information:

  1. The speaker chamber behind the art piece
  2. The initial look of the moving panels

We also found the following code that may help us during the production of this project:

Audio Reactive Program



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