Final Project Proposal

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For my final project, I’m planning to make an Arduino and p5.js based game where the user can help make haluhalo, a classic Filipino dessert. I chose this concept not only because I miss haluhalo, but also because I wanted to insert some more meaningful story elements. I’m a Chinese person born and raised in the Philippines, and I’m often asked about how I feel having these two “identities”. Haluhalo to me represents a way of seeing that difference not as a one-or-the-other choice, but as a a celebration of many different elements that together make something awesome.

The experience will be split into 4 game phases with 3 story phases in between. Below is the storyboard.

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Game Stages

The first stage involves using a potentiometer to control the heat for a pot that is cooking sago. I will give the user 30 seconds, in which time they have to keep the heat at the right levels as requested by the p5.js screen. I’ll be borrowing inspiration from my Swampy temperature calibration game for this.

In the second stage, they will use Posenet to play a game where they need to punch ice and other fruits to break them into smaller parts for use in haluhalo. I’ll be borrowing inspiration from my Posenet Ant Smasher game for this.

In the third stage, I’ll be making a blender with a servo motor and a button where the user will have to blend just enough but not too much that the blender explodes.

In the last stage, they will again use posenet to catch the ingredients in the glass as they fall down.

Story Stages

These four stages will be punctuated by story segments between a daughter and a mother, where the mother and daughter will explain a little bit about the history and context behind haluhalo, as well as the metaphor I mentioned, where it can be seen as a celebration of difference rather than a choice between them

All in all, I expect this to be a challenging experience because I want to make the illustrations myself and make them very polished, as well as involve animations and other things, but I’m excited to get started.

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