Final Project Concept


For this project, I would like to make a drawing platform, in which as the user moves the pen connected to the device, the drawing appears on the p5js. To make the drawing more interesting and unique, I am going to add Perlin noise to the lines. Shown below is the rough diagram of the platform.

The device will consist of 2 arms (blue and orange), 2 joints (with potentiometers (green)), and a pen. Joint at the top is a fixed point so position of the arms will vary depending on the movement of the pen. Each joint is connected to a potentiometer in order to read the angle value. Since we will know the length of each arm and the angle between each arm, we will able to convert the values (polar) into a cartesian value that is easy to display on p5js.

For Perlin noise, I will simply add or substract random integers from the calculated points.

Interaction Between Arduino and P5JS

  1. Arduino reads potentiometer value
  2. Arduino sends sensor values to p5js
  3. P5js converts sensor values into cartesian coordinates
  4. P5js draws points on the canvas with some Perlin noise

I am very excited to work on this project, but I am worried about how smooth potentiometer will rotate, which may make moving a pen hard.

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