Final Project Concept


For my final project, I would like to continue working on my jumping pony game concept by adding more features using Arduino.

The basic and simple idea and integration:

Use Arduino buttons to control the pony’s action->interaction from Arduino to p5js

When the pony jumps successfully turn the LED light on. Also, when the game ends, send an audio losing sound through the piezo buzzer->signal from p5js to Arduino.

The next step and more complex integration will be adding sensors to control the pony game. I am thinking of using a sound detection sensor, so when the user jumps, Arduino will detect the sound, and pony will jump together with the user.

The only challenge I am afraid of is the sensibility of the sensors, so it has to be really precise and there should not any delay in sending the sound signal to the game. As the game is fast-pacing, any delay will make the user experience dissatisfying.

If everything is gonna be successful, I believe this game can resemble the Xbox console concept and can be a fun cardio exercise 😆

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