Week 8: Unusual Switch- Productivity Detector!


The objective of this week’s assignment was to create a hands-free switch in a simple circuit. For this, I came up with an idea to create a circuit that with a led that turns on when I close my laptop lid. My laptop battery drains when the lid is open, even if the screen is asleep. Sometimes, I would go to bed without closing my laptop lid and my laptop would die in the morning without me even using it. Hence, a led to detect that!

To implement this, I used tiny thin strips of aluminum foil on my laptop deck and the top of the laptop screen and aligned them so that they touch each other when the lid is closed. The aluminum strips are connected to the jumper and the circuit is completed on the breadboard.

Things to improve:

With code, I could create a more functional circuit which would be red when the lid is opened signaling battery drain and would turn green when the lid is closed.

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