Assignment 3 – OOP


Coding using OOP was more difficult than I expected it to be, but with practice it ended up being as easy as the rest of the concepts. Learning OOP from scratch with no background in coding generally confused me a little because it was completely different and included many new functions and concepts, but doing this assignment helped me understand it; OOP felt very simple by the end of the assignment.

The concept of this program is simple, it is yet another artwork. I intended to make something that was visually pleasing and coordinated, and OOP helped me do that.

Using different creative names helps keep the code entertaining, for example when I used circir, that helped me store the different names and parts of the code in my head without being bored.

A problem I ran into was getting the constructors to work, my code kept crashing and the website would lag and I’d have to repeat the entire process again. After redoing the code though, I finally understood that my problem was with the syntax and I fixed it.


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