Week 3-OOP

For this assignment I didn’t have any ideas or inspiration to create the artwork as such, everything happened more intuitively so that I could better understand the information covered in the lessons. I referred to images such as the starry sky or the summer garden, but did not attempt to recreate an exact copy. At this stage, dealing with arrays and classes was a priority for me. I worked a lot with velocity for the second work with triangles(garden). Thus, I determined the coordinates of triangles and their further movement.


Useful links for me (there were a lot of them, but here are some of them):
https://happycoding.io/tutorials/p5js/, The Coding Train, https://openprocessing.org/class/57891/

Since this time I have been dealing with basics of OOP for a long time, I spent more time understanding how the new tools are interconnected with each other. For the next time I would like to make a more or less advanced version of my work, devote more time to the visual. For example, I’m confused about how to add a background image, next time I would like to learn this. Moreover, I would add a couple of shapes and make the triangles real butterflies and the circles stars. Also, I would like to add the effect of “shooting stars” to the stars, since I started to get acquainted with this function.

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