Yunho Lee Final Project Game Progress Report 5/5


Mostly done with the programming part over the gameplay algorithms, except for the communication of the Arduino circuit with p5js. The game is totally playable through keyboard controls: spacebar – item interaction, arrow keys – player movement.

The collection of assets is completed through free assets images and self-made images through Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

In progress:

  1. Thumbnail of the game (a background picture to be used for the start menu)
  2. Create Circuit Map before constructing the interactive structures.

Objectives left:

  1. Algorithm for collision with objects to restrict character movement
  2. Connection with Circuit
  3. Wood miniature of the room in the game
  4. Test on several people to investigate the game’s difficulty (of the puzzle). => Anyone who sees this article, don’t be afraid to try out my game!! (It’s made to be very difficult to clear in a 5-minute time limit.)

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