Final Project Initial Concept

  1. Sometimes you just need to put your head down…

I want to create some sort of contraption fitting for the era of Zoom classes. When the user places their head on a pillow, an Arduino sensor will detect if a certain distance is crossed. At that point, there will be some sort of timer activated on Processing that will allow the user to nap for three minutes and sound an alarm. It would be pretty cool to also use a speech to text library from Processing to also record the transcript of the Zoom class so the user can make sure they didn’t miss anything when they wake up. I’m not sure how technologically feasible this is as it would depend on the accuracy of the speech processing library but it would be nice to have some sort of giant alarm that sounds if the user’s name is said in class.

2. Some sort of drawing game. What you draw on Processing is connected to a grid of LEDs/neopixels that correspond to what you draw.

3. Some sort of data visualization web piece using P5.js and Arduino. The user can filter the visualization on P5.js and see the effects on the analog piece (led output).

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