Final Project Brainstorm

For my final project, I wanted to do a sort of continuation of my midterm project (the Sunflower); however, this time I would have used a real plant with a moisture sensor and other data sensors that I could then analyze on a screen using processing (AKA to know when to water the plant etc.). However, I didn’t think this involved much interaction (or the interaction was just too long term).

So then, I thought about creating an interactive game, a form of Dance Dance Revolution but for the hand. Again, I liked this concept a lot because the interaction is more clear but it lacked creativity.

So I’m considering combining the two and creating a game where the player has to move the plant on screen (using tangible buttons) and collect water droplets. Hopefully, as they collect more water, the more the plant grows. I’m not yet sure I want to do this 100% though. For this, I would need my Arduino, buttons (arrows), wiring and a box of some sort. The rest would be coded into Processing/Arduino directly.

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