Design Meets Disability

This reading’s most interesting part to me is the talk of fashion and design for disability clashing. The focus was on glasses, which have now are now called “eyewear” in the industry. While needing glasses is a minimal disability to meet, the design to comfort the wearer and to remove the stigma around wearing them has been successful. Unlike most “designs” for other disabilities, the fashion industry did not try to hide them, but rather emphasize them. Glasses have become more of a fashion accessory rather than a medical necessity. The mention of embracing fashion when designing for disability seems very interesting because it might shed a more positive light on prosthetics and the overall confidence of the person who wears them.

In the reading, prosthetic hands were mentioned, and it said that most of them were either functional, but not good looking, or realistic with minimal function to them. I think we should try to snap out of the traditional thinking and try new “approaches” like the reading suggests in order to best progress and to provide options that are inclusive and will not leave the person to compromise between features.

This reading also reminded me of the alternative limb project. The project “explores the themes of body image, modification, evolution, and transhumanism, whilst promoting positive conversations around disability and celebrating body diversity” Their projects are really beautiful and artistic. Exploring exactly what the reading suggests.

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