A Brief Rant on the Response to the Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design

So, after reading the response, I still stick to what I have said.

First off, yes, he did not provide a solution. And technically, everyone can rant about everything. But if you rant about something, without providing a potential solution or a plausible counter-argument, I believe that your ‘rant’ loses a lot of credibility.

As for my main response to his argument, it did not change at all. I firmly believe that his way. of changing interaction design will remain inefficient unless he can provide an actual solution that will, indeed increase the sentiment of using our hands as tools yet simultaneously keep or improve the efficiency that touching and swiping provides.

He probably wasn’t the first one to ask, “Hey, but isn’t touching and swiping giving less sentimental values?” But the reason it hasn’t been heard, or has been but haven’t been implemented yet is because there are maybe significant drawbacks to doing so. If it was a beneficial argument, I think that people would have incorporated that and tried to actually come up with a solution that is the best of every problem, but efficiency and additional actions do not go hand in hand.

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