Natural Flow (First Assignment)

While thinking about how to be creative for the assignment, which was to not use hands, I thought of something I learned in chemistry during my high school years. If I just need a medium to chain electricity, I could use salt water since it is a good conductor of electricity. This is because when salt is mixed into water, the water pulls apart the now positively charged sodium atom and the now negatively charged chloride atom apart. Therefore, the two ions will allow the solution to conduct electricity feasibly.

If there is one aspect I would reflect upon after the assignment, it is that I should be more careful when dealing with water because electricity and water are two potentially dangerous mixtures. Maybe next time if I have a substance that again links these two it would be much safer. Overall, this was a very fun experiment considering that it was my first ever Interactive Media assignment.

Here is a video of how it works: you will see the LED flashing when the two cords are in the water, and not when they are disconnected from the salt water.

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