This assignment was a great start for me to get introduced to p5.js. Since I had never worked with p5.js before, I spent a lot of time understanding and “playing” with the functions and their application. To create a self-portrait, I decided to take one of my photos as a basis. The reference page of p5.js helped me a lot in this work. I also watched tutorials recommended by other students. All this helped me take the first step in working with the assignment.

In fact, I really enjoyed picking the right coordinates, even though it’s a tedious task. For instance, I wanted to add an eyeliner to my self-portrait and do it in the same way as I created my eyebrows, bangs and eyes before. Also, I really wanted to try to create some kind of animation/interactivity in my work. In the process, I tried several options that I saw in some tutorials. I liked the works with painting over the background, they had a vibe that reminded me of many “anti-stress” coloring videos.

Since this is my first work, the result is pretty simple. However, I believe there is still a lot that can be done with this assignment. Going forward, as we go through the new features and functionality that p5.js provides to the user, I hope to improve my skills and apply them to fix past mistakes. I would like to learn how to use more shapes, because even with the triangle I had to learn a lot of new information. Moreover, next time I’d like to make sure that my interactive background remains just a background without interfering with the portrait itself. Also, so that when user clicks, the portrait itself does not disappear, but remains on the screen. To conclude, assignment 1 was very helpful to me in terms of practice. I really enjoyed trying out new features and seeing the results of my work and I hope it only gets better with more improvements.

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