Aisha – Self Portrait

Before starting this assignment, I tried to experiment with different shapes and colors to familiarize myself with p5 as I have never used it before and have little experience in coding. After I got the gist of it I attempted to produce a photo of me with a simple background of nature.  I thought it would be a fun idea to include the background as it enabled me to practice more coding and begin my coding artistic abilities.

I used the mouse and mousey to help me identify where I would have to put different features in my portrait. I used an ellipse to draw a simple head and eyes hijab adding details such as eyelashes by using the lines function. I used both the line and arc functions to sketch my mouth, nose, and hair. For the background, I used arc functions to sketch the ground and rectangles and ellipses to sketch a tree. Finally, I used ellipses to sketch a few clouds.

The most challenging part for me in this assignment was the majority of the arc shapes as well as figuring out the exact position to place different features of my sketch.

I think the feature that I’m most proud of is the mouth. Although it isn’t great, I liked how I included the upper lip and outlined the whole mouth as red rather than just leaving it as a white smile.  This is the code I used for it:

  arc(200, 230, 50, 50, radians(0),radians(180));


This is the final result:

As I mentioned earlier this was a fun task to get familiar with the program however there are some improvements I’d like to apply if I were to do this assignment again.

  1. As my code is too long I would like to use variables to simplify it a bit.
  2. Utilize different/new shapes such as a curvey line and a tilted ellipse to represent the leaves on the tree.
  3. I would also like to make my portrait more realistic. For example, I could go more into detail in terms of color and I could perhaps make it look 3D.
  4. Lastly, I could make my portrait more complex and challenging by adding an animation (such as birds flying).

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