Assignment 1: Self-Portrait

I am very bad at drawing and almost never draw, but I like tracing, coloring, and putting geometric shapes together. So for this assignment, instead of drawing the portrait on paper, I decided to recreate this picture of me that my brother took of me:

I like this picture because it’s possible to recreate almost all the facial features using arcs, rectangles, triangles, and circles. Initially, I struggled a lot with arcs and went on a mission to learn it so well that I will get every arc right on the first try. But it got frustrating at one point and I decided to go with other shapes and minimalize the use of arcs.

I tried to think of and try out different ways to add a bit of user interaction to the portrait and decided to go with a button at the end that puts on/takes off my glasses. Having limited drawing skills, I could not create shadows or play with the lighting, etc. but I really like the end result. It’s simple but it’s what I was going for; drawing with geometrical shapes and keeping things minimalistic. 

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