Assignment 1 Self-Portrait


For my self-portrait I decided to attempt to draw myself doing something that I love: going on walks to distract myself from the real world and think about life. I was pretty ambitious at first considering this is my first time learning this type of material and my first time coding. At first, I imagined my drawing to be very complex. I wanted to try and incorporate a lot of movement to capture the act of walking, detail in terms of shapes and the setting, and a lot of color. I imagined incorporating nature, interaction, and even aspects of Chicago such as the skyline since that’s where I am from and walking around Chicago is one of my favorite things to do. Sadly, all of that gradually changed as I began to work on the drawing, and the drawing became much more simpler than I imagined.

Code Highlight

Using the p5.js references I was able to create my code and I was also able to learn how to use rotation and translation for a “moving” arm which is shown here.

  fill(210, 180, 140);
  translate(90, -50);
  rect(110, 290, 50, 10,10);


Embedded Sketch

Reflection & Future Directions

Though I like the outcome of my drawing, I think it could have used more movement considering my goal was to capture the act of walking. Even though it does look like a simple drawing, it was still rather difficult for me and it took me a lot of time to grasp the basics of the principles that we have learned so far.  I definitely learned of at least one approach that I should not take to complete these assignments. In the future, I want to play around with more functions and find a way to make things easier for myself, possible take more time to watch tutorials and try different codes for the same outcome to find what best works for me. Overall, I did enjoy the challenge and I am excited to continue learning as well as challenging myself. I would possibly like to in the end, try and recreate this assignment with the initial image that I had for it.

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