Week 10: Preliminary Concept for the Final

Team 👯‍♀️

For the Final IM Project, Amina and I decided to work together.

Context 💻

Since we are both in different locations and Zoom is a central element of our life now, we want to incorporate the procedure of joining Zoom meetings but make it fun.

Idea 🎮

The basic idea is to create a musical game that takes input from the laptop keyboard in Processing and puts out sounds and LED signals through Arduino. In our game, the user wants to enter a Zoom meeting. For that, they have to repeat a pattern presented to them. This pattern, we thought, could be presented both through sound and LED output for greater accessibility as some might be more able or comfortable to observe either a sound or a visual pattern. If the pattern is wrong, the user gets to try again. If they repeat the correct pattern, they get to enter the Zoom meeting with congratulation sounds + LED visuals and a welcome message from us. End of game.

Ideas to be determined 🤔

    • What is the overall story line? Does it end when entering the Zoom meeting?


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