Final Project Idea

For the final project I want to go with the arcade vibe of Arduino and create a game.

With simple controls in the form of the potentiometer the game will rely on the player controlling a bird, which wants to fly high into the air. On its way,  the bird will encounter stormy clouds, which it should avoid at all cost. Also, to reward the courageous bird on its adventure, it will encounter some delicious nuts, which will work as the scoring mechanism for the game.

As the player will collect more and more nuts, the vertical spacing between the clouds will begin to shrink making the game progressively harder and harder.

To add some spice to the game I am also thinking about introducing a BOOST button, which will significantly increase birds flying speed. I think it would be fan to watch the bird dash through the clouds.

The projects seems a bit daunting with all the vertical animations and ways of achieving top quality responsiveness from Arduino buttons but I have two more weeks to figure that out 🙂

Breakout rooms brainstorming brought me a new idea. Instead of speeding things up the button will slow the time and make it easier to move though the clouds. The downside of that will be losing nuts for each second spent in the slow mode.

Also the game difficulty will change basing on the number of nuts collected. Their number will change the speed of downward animation, instead of reducing the vertical spacing of the clouds. That would make the game go faster and faster with each nut collected.

In my project Arduino will provide the input for the bird control. The bird movement will be mapped from the potentiometer, which fits the role perfectly. In addition to that, the slow mode button will provide a mechanism for slowing down vertical transitions.

The processing layer will be responsible for displaying the game as well as the logic. It will take the potentiometer value from Arduino and display the bird on an according position and watch out for the slow mode trigger from the button.

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