Preliminary Concept for the Final Project

For the Intro to IM final project, I will be working with Susanne to build an integrated device utilizing Arduino and Processing.

💡 idea

The idea was inspired when Susanne mentioned “something visual about our connection or memory; something that relates us not being in the same location.” So, we decided to recreate the environment of logging into a Zoom meeting and entering the meeting’s password. The key feature of this project is to make the process accessible, by including both sounds and light.

🛠 how it will work

The password will be entered by the user using a computer keyboard to the graphical user interface, and during the typing process, different sounds and lights on Arduino will play. If the password combination is right, a congratulating tone will ring and the user will be let into the meeting.

⌨️ next steps
  • Finalizee the Processing’s role in the app
  • Decide what the Arduino will do
  • Discuss the feasibility of the project in class
  • Finalize the storytelling aspect of the app


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