More Progress

I’ve now connected the tilt sensors to control the Processing screen. Currently, because I don’t have my el wires yet, I’m currently substituting the el wires with strings and the strings are attached to placeholders (the tripod in the IM room). The tilt sensors are attached to the string with resistors right now and I’d probably just end up using that to attach it for the show because the resistors are small enough so people can’t see it. I’ve also added music to the strumming of the string (mainly guitar notes). The tilt sensors aren’t too sensitive so it works perfectly because very light touches of the string will not do much.

For the rest of the project, I mainly have to have the room and the el wires to come in so I can position everything correctly. I’ll also be added 3 more wires so 3 more tones (acoustic guitar — D, A, E, G, B, Low E — found on soundcloud).

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