Final Project Prototype

I have continued to work on my final project. However, after attempting to solder additional components (a FSR) to a circuit board, my project no longer uses any soldered components for the time being. Aaron advised me to use capacitive touch instead of a FSR with the stuffed animal, and I have tested this yesterday and it works fine and responds well to touch. I eventually plan on sewing this to the animal. As I move into finalizing the project this weekend.

I have refined my code slightly and have fixed a few technical issues revolving around changing stages and some of the animations.

I plan on adding another FSR, which I will attach to a block of wood. I will also create a tool (most likely a hammer) that will have a foam cushion at the end. If the FSR’s reading goes above a certain value, the player will harvest the resources. I plan on going into the scene shop to quickly building these tools and testing out the FSR tonight.

The game is playable and a few of my friends have tested out the game. However, some refinements still need to be made in progression.


Here is a video of the prototype in action:

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