Prototyping My Final Project

What I have now is definitely somewhat of a prototype, although I think I might have to work extra hard this weekend to have everything done by Monday – I do not want to pull an allnighter on Wednesday and panic before the showcase.

Physical Aspect

I made a prototype of the physical aspect of it. It looks quite nice, but I am going to remake it for better matching and to better the overall aesthetics of the box.

Coding Aspect

The code I have right now is a major improvement than what I had back on Sunday. I can make the png images appear when scanning the markers. I have also managed to draw every marker separately. I managed to also load the factory image (the only one I made into a png so far) and assign it to a marker (Marker number 4).

Things I will need help with: How can I make it so the building stays and does not disappear once a marker is removed from the camera? Do I have to make a boolean variable for every single marker?

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