Assignment 1, Self Portrait

For this piece I was inspired by the work of previous students, I liked how they managed to use simple shapes and combine them to make the portrait more visually appealing. I used a combination of circles, ellipses, arcs, and rectangles to create my portrait. I also wanted to incorporate motion yet keep it simple since I’m new to coding, I used Chatgpt to learn how to create the circular loop by asking for the code.

For the background, I chose a baby pink color since it’s my favorite color, and I wanted that to be shown in my portrait. Moreover, I used my color palette to represent me, a black shirt because I tend to always wear black. I wish I would’ve done a couple of things differently, like adding more details such as lashes, hair pieces, cheeks, and a more thought-out mouth. However, I’m generally happy with the final product and excited to see what I can learn throughout this course!

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