Physical Computing’s Greatest Hits (and misses)

Considering the position of interactive artwork, this reading has prompted me to contemplate my perspective on interactivity. Tigoe’s perspective resonates with me, viewing interactive artworks as akin to performances. The artist constructs a stage for interactors, transforming them into the performers within this theatrical space.  Andrew Schneider’s piece, while appearing as a fixed narrative from a distance, offers diverse interactions in group settings, providing a more rewarding experience than a singular interpretation of museum paintings. Exploring the greatest hits and misses further complicates this perspective. Even seemingly straightforward interactions, like an LED lighting up upon approach, possess untapped potential for development. The originality of an idea lies not in the interaction itself but in the contextualization and open interpretation it offers. This nuanced approach to context and interpretation is particularly appealing. It leads me to contemplate the possibility of creating a more contextualized theremin, building on the potential for exploration within a defined setting.

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