Final Project Idea 2


Create an automatic trash can that uses sensors to detect and sort different types of waste (plastic, paper, etc.) into separate compartments within the can. The system will utilize Arduino for hardware control and p5.js for a user interface to monitor and interact with the trash can.


  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Ultrasonic sensors or weight sensors to detect the type of waste being disposed of.
  3. Servo motors or stepper motors to control the compartments for different types of waste.
  4. P5.js for the user interface to monitor the trash can’s status and possibly interact with it.

Arduino (Outgoing Data):

Detecting and Sorting: Arduino reads sensor data to detect the type of material placed in the trash can. Based on this detection, it activates servo motors to sort the materials into their respective compartments.
Serial Communication: Once the material is detected and sorted, Arduino sends updates about the detected material type and sorting process status via the Serial connection.

p5.js (Outgoing Commands):

p5.js sends commands/instructions to the Arduino via the Serial connection, requesting the disposal of a particular type of waste.

Arduino (Incoming Commands):

Receiving Instructions: Arduino listens for incoming commands from p5.js through the Serial connection. It interprets these commands to initiate the disposal process.
Status Queries: Arduino responds to queries from p5.js by sending updates on the system status, like whether it’s ready to receive new commands or the current state of the sorting mechanism.

p5.js (Incoming Data):

Display and Feedback: p5.js receives data from Arduino about detected materials and system status.

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