Reflections – Week 10

A Brief Rant About The Future of Interactive Design

It was fascinating to read an article about the future’s vision and direction – 12 years into the future.  Comparing Bret Victor’s ideas and complaints to what actually ended up transpiring, I am struck by both how correct he was and how much improvement is still possible.

In 2011, Victor dreamed of a future with interactivity design that involved more than just sliding and tapping on pictures behind a screen. Today, while we still continue to do  so (albeit with a few haptic gimmicks like he puts) – it is also true that we may directly be moving towards a future quite unlike this. Personally, my first experience with any kind of haptics or virtual movement simulation was the Nintendo Wii with motion detection. Today the technology has not just improved but we seem to be on the cusp of a virtual reality revolution. Virtual Reality systems have improved by leaps and bounds year upon year and soon we may reach a world where there is mainstream adoption of such technologies in everyday use.

I believe that while the future we have today would be immensely disappointing to the Bret Victor who wrote this post, the immediate future seems to be much more exciting. I am excited to see the digital future of mankind move towards a completely new direction!

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