Week 10- Reflection

In his blog post “A Brief Rant on the Future of Interactive Design,” Bret Victor talks about the need to create a dynamic medium that people can interact with in a way that’s similar to how they interact with physical objects. What really struck me was his point that the technology behind tablets, smartphones, and other similar devices, known as Pictures Under Glass, doesn’t offer genuine touchable interfaces. Victor believes that technologies that prioritize sleek visuals over tactile experiences are just a passing phase. 

The first post and the follow-up response both emphasize that researchers and developers should look into haptic feedback to make devices easier to use. I agree with the author’s concerns about the future of interaction design. Touchscreens are great, but they’re not the only way to interact with computers. We need to explore new technologies that let us interact with computers in a more natural and intuitive way, like haptic feedback. Haptic feedback can make our interactions with computers more immersive and engaging. Imagine feeling the texture of a virtual object or manipulating it with your hands. That would be pretty cool. But we shouldnt ignore other forms of interaction, like voice or visual cues. Instead, we should find ways to combine different interaction methods to create the best possible user experience.

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