Final Project Proposal – Arcade Games!

For the purposes of the Final Project, in order to satisfy the requirements of an interactive system which requires systems of listening, thinking, and speaking from at least 2 parties, and should make use of Arduino and P5Js, we have preliminarily thought of developing an ‘Arcade Game’ console.

While the intricacies are not fine tuned yet, the initial idea is to develop an Extensive Game in p5Js, not a simple one, but an elaborate game with multiple levels which is very challenging. For this, we have though of a childhood favorite called ‘PacXon’ which is similar to PacMan but involves a relatively free space with area to capture. To have a sense of a similar game, we can look here (

We believe creating this would require some algorithms, and extremely complex state machines with the utility of power-ups, and would develop our Object Oriented Programming skills in P5Js to an advanced level.

Moving forward, we would then develop a ‘JoyStick’ for this game, that would be designed for the purposes of this game. As an idea, the JoyStick would be a breadboard with multiple buttons for left, right, up, and down movements as well as a Potentiometer to control speeds, and a Piezo Buzzer to produce vibration like sounds on collisions for ‘Haptic Feedback’. We would also incorporate multiple LEDs and different notes of sounds with the state machines, realizing the mechanism to play the required tone at the appropriate time.

The idea is still in works and we are open to feedback!

The project is intended to be completed by Ishmal Khalid, Zunair Viqar, and Abraiz Azhar.

Author: Zunair

Senior @ NYU Abu Dhabi

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