Final Project Proposal


I am considering expanding my sound project for the final project by creating a table piano with enhanced features. The piano will be based on either an ultrasonic sensor or a pressure sensor. The concept is to integrate P5.js code as a game. The start screen will allow users to choose between three modes: free mode, game mode, and record mode.

In free mode, users can play the piano for as long as they want and try to figure out a tune on their own. Record mode will be an extension of free mode, where each key played by the user will be stored within P5.js and can be played back by pressing a button.

In game mode, users will be presented with a pre-set tune, including its sound, the keys to be played, and the order in which they should be played. The goal will be for the user to memorize the tune/keys and then play it on the piano. Correctly played tunes will earn points, while pressing the wrong key will result in a buzzer sound and the need to start over. Users will have the option to replay the tune or skip to a new one.

To add more challenge, game mode may have different difficulty levels such as easy, medium, and hard, with tunes of varying lengths and number of keys. The fastest player in each category will have their name displayed on the screen throughout the exhibition, motivating others to beat the record.

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