Unusual Switch


For this assignment, I struggled to come up with a creative way of connecting a switch without the use of hands. So during one of my stress cleaning episodes in my room, when I tapped on my trash bin to throw something in, the light bulb went off in my mind. That’s why I created a switch that connects when the lid of the bin closes and the light turns on.

How it works

I used the following set up of the circuit. I connected two of the wires with tape because I needed more length for the wire attached to the lid of the bin. A coin is also taped at the end of this wire to increase the surface area of contact between this wire and the one attached to the rim of the bin.

Future improvement

For future implementations, I would somehow want the light to turn on when the lid is open instead and position the wires in a way that it does not disrupt the usage of the bin. Or maybe if a green light turns on if the bin is closed and red light turns on if bin is open.

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