Week 5 – Midterm Progress

For my midterm game, I have decided to make the Starship Shooters game in p5 js!

It was a clicker shooter where you control a spaceship with your mouse allowing you to move and shoot the oncoming enemy attach. Your goal is to shoot them all and not let them get into your backline.

Here is the so far basic sketch of what I’ll be expanding upon:

Ill be designing classes for the ship, bullets, and enemies while defining functions for shooting and such. The game will track how many enemies you shoot essentially being the score for the player.

The most frightening thing I can imagine right now is accurately coding the collisions for the enemies and the bullets with respect to their individual hitboxes. I plan on using sprite so coding in their hitboxes may prove to be tricky. I will try utilizing the console.log or basically print debugging in order to test hitboxes and make sure collision works fine.

If all goes to plan, I’ll be able to make a retro-arcade styled shooter clicker game with a way to keep score!


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