week 4 work

To create this work, I was inspired by the concept of winter. In fact, some time before I saw examples of different interactive backgrounds and really wanted to try to do something like that. After that, I decided to add the lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s “Let it snow”.


I uploaded a CSV file and opened it with the loadStrings function. Then, I set it so that when mouseClicked, the text from the file appears on the canvas. After that, I started working on the background, which turned out to be interesting and very wintery ­čÖé


Here are some tutorials that helped me learn more about working with CSV files:

And of course, it was not without advice from The Coding Train channel.

Unfortunately, I could not combine these works into one due to time constraints. But in the future, I would like to make them all in the same picture and make the end result more interesting, like changing the font and style of the letters. Also, I would add additional elements to this work.

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